NightFood Investment Opportunity

NightFood, a publicly traded company, will be launching a new listing on offering a great investment opportunity in the next few days.



Over 70% of American adults snack regularly at night, and the most popular choices are cookies, chips, ice cream, and candy. We’re born with biological programming that drives powerful cravings at night…the same time of day when willpower is at its weakest. This combination of factors results in over $1B/week in nighttime snack consumption in the United States. That’s 44% of all snack consumption.

For years, health experts and media outlets have provided consumers with tips, tricks, and strategies for beating nighttime cravings. But, consumers don’t want tips or strategies. Consumers want products.

NightFood has set out to offer consumers better nighttime snack options, launching a line of products that satisfy night cravings in a better, healthier, more sleep-friendly way.

The Company has identified 3 major trends which are converging right now to create an exceptional opportunity. These are:

  • Consumers continue to seek snacks in the “better-for-you” category
  • Snacking frequency is growing across all dayparts, with exceptional growth in the evenings
  • NightFood products are just now entering national distribution channels

NightFood, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of NightFood Holdings, Inc., which trades on the OTC Markets under the symbol NGTF. The Company is offering restricted shares of common stock at $.75/share to accredited investors only.

Note: there are a limited number of shares available in this financing round. These shares are priced at a significant discount to current market prices. There is no guarantee that enough shares will be available to meet demand. Any investor who is unable to participate in this financing round has the option to purchase shares on the open market at market prices. This offering is available to accredited investors only.