For Companies

Reasons to engage as partners with us

  1. Over 5 decades of Financial Services Experience within our management team and consultants. Some ex-CEO’s and Syndicate managers among them.
  2. Cost reduction- It will cost 25% or less what it will cost if a broker dealer was to finance the deal.
  3. Wall St. connections- Do to our many years on Wall St. we are able to tap into our network of financiers and get the companies a significantly greater exposure.
  4. Web partners- Our partners have been developing web sites and marketing companies through them for years. They will be helping us stay on the cutting edge of where we need to be.
  5. Advertising partners- Our partners have availed their network to us. We will be seen on 1200 different websites and expect to be having 50-60,000 visitors a day because of this.
  6. Not just quantity- While we expect to be on numerous websites, we expect to be on some of the best websites for your products. We also will be seen on sites such as Forbes, Yahoo finance, E Trade, Wall Street Journal and MSNBC.
  7. Through our relationship with Red Chip we expect periodic mention on Fox Business News.
  8. Company will be attending most major trade shows to increase exposure for itself and the companies it represents.
  9. Ability to finance the listing- The companies can choose three different ways to pay for their listing. Cash up front (Cheapest). Financed (Moderate). Paid out of money raised (most expensive).

To be listed on this site please contact us at (855) 240-7844 or fill out the form on this page.Documents at workplace