iStock_000012308983SmallYouFunding brings a different perspective to the crowd funding arena. While the majority of the companies in crowd funding have management that comes from the internet, our executives were financial industry professionals, most from upper management. Our executives and consultants have more than half a century of experience in the industry. We even have former CEO’s and syndicate managers on our team. This gives us a unique perspective when it comes to crowd funding.

We are able to use our network of contacts at the broker dealers to deliver more products that have been through a broker dealers stringent vetting process. Through our extensive client lists we are also able to be introduced to early stage growth companies that are looking for financing.

Business team at a meetingOnce a company is listed on our site they must make themselves available for the members of this site to do their due diligence. We will not allow any companies on this site that do not have a dedicated Q and A box and will not have a monthly conference call during the listing period or will not have a quarterly call moving forward. We want the investor to be as informed as possible so that they can make the appropriate decisions with their financial portfolios.